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Arduino Headlamp avtomatic leveling system

For some time i had a project in my mynd that i wanted to do. I have a Ford Focus 2008 and i wanted to have a original Ford xenon headlamp but as for the law in my country i must have a ALWR or Automatic leveling xenon system for headlamps. What it does is read from front and rear xenon sensor and then level headlamps.
The system is quite good but as for my project it to slow. The leveling is to slow and the beem from xenon headlamps is not changing leveling quick. So this is where my project come's along.
My idea is to create live leveling so that bump's from the road will not efect xenon beam.

So here it is my first steps in this project i have created a ver1.1 code for the leveling. It uses only one xenon leveling sensor and that one will be rear and one manualy controled level potentiometer for setting leveling first.

Version 1.1:
The code can be found here:
Arduino headlamp leveling code

Picture of the arduino in action:

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